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Karla has been a professional singer for over 20 years. She is constantly adding to her show songs from all eras and genres! This shows to perfection Karla’s vast range and knowledge of music with songs spreading across 60 years! There really is something for most people here. 


Genre’s covered range from Motown, pop, country, rock n roll, reggae , ska and all the hits from the famous like Adele, Bob Marley, Elvis, The Eagles, Shania Twain, Tammy Wynett, Queen, just to name a few! You could never get bored of listening to Karla’s vast collection of songs as each show is different. Karla’s voice is so easy to listen to, a lot of people say that Karla’s sound is that of a mix between Karen Carpenter and Shania Twain. Karla has such a dynamic vocal sound she is able to change it to suit the genre she is singing.

One thing you will never know is what Karla is going to sing next, as neither does she!!each and every song is tailoured for the crowd she is entertaining that day or night. Karla ensure’s she gets the best reaction from her crowd as possible. No matter what genre’s are most suited Karla certainly get the party started and the dance floor full!

Also, new to the show is Karla’s acoustic’s finally made an appearance and this is something more that will be added to this show.

Due to the vast spread of music Karla can entertain any crowd from family parties to work social events and weddings. The Christmas shows have the added bonus of all the Christmas hits as well as the old time classics.

“One thing about doing a job you love is you never want to stop learning and this feels like just the beginning……….”

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