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Karla has a very musical family and has always had a strong connection with music. From a very young age Karla started singing in clubs and bars from the age of just 16 years old as a support act for “Pete Reynolds” who is a family friend (and still singing fabulously!).  Karla’s taste in music stretches across many genres but it was country music and The Carpenters that was Karla’s first love. A lot of people have commented on Karla’s tone of voice being similar to that of Karen Carpenter, which is a great compliment!- and one she’s willing to take!

At 18 years old an opportunity of working in Dubai, The Middle East, for 3 months came up which Karla grabbed with both hands…travelling is her second love proving so when Those 3 months turned into 3 years touring all over the Middle East with her duo at the time. ..that’s where the “bug” for travelling started…through the years Karla has worked in Spain, Turkey, South Africa (recording with the band 10cc) and also appeared on stage with The Gypsy Kings whilst in Dubai too. Karla’s work has taken her through many continents and she has gained great experience from working in 5 piece bands all the way down to her solo work which she is now expanding on within the U.K and internationally.

Karla has a natural flare for entertaining and is passionate about giving people the “uplift and feel good” feeling that’s impossible not to take away with you once you have seen one of Karla’s shows. Her drive and passion and ability to make a crowd she has never met before feel like they’ve known her years,is just down to her sheer professionalism! Aside from a unique tone to her voice Karla’s character and sense of humour play a hugh part in her successful singing career too.

Karla has not had an easy ride with her health through the years suffering from the debilitating disease of “endometriosis” from just 11 years old. As anyone fellow sufferers know this condition does not come alone, it has many, many “sister” conditions that go hand in hand which take years (in Karla’s case 20 years) to diagnose fully .This condition has seen her have many operations and during an interview she once told of how her music has always got her through each and every one.

“when you are lying in a hospital bed you are very vunerable, music and my family have been my strength throughout…I can’t have a family now due to this condition so music has been my life, getting back on stage and feeling the lights on you, the adrenaline and seeing people’s enjoyment is what has got me better quicker each time I’m sure”! “I’m not a negative person so during my recoveries I’ve used that as time to learn new material…which is why I now have so many songs, every cloud hey!!”


Karla is currently working on expanding on her shows( another idea during her last recovery last year) and is now going into the tribute world starting with her new show called “Karla’s 80s revivial”.





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