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It’s no secret that the songs from the 80’s are currently edging their way back….As this is Karla’s era  a tribute just had to be done! Karla loves to add in songs that people have forgotten (or so they think) to give it that ultimate blast from the past wow factor!!

Karla has worked hard on this tribute, not only by just capturing the world of 80’s “pop” perfectly with timeless classics and cheesy hits that everyone loves, but also in her carefully hand selected back ground music that compliments her show perfectly! Guarantee to fill the dancefloor every time!

Karla’s authenticy doesn’t stop at the songs…she also has carefully selected outfits to reflect that magic  of the “pop” era to add to the “nostalgia”….joining Karla in 80’s dress wear is highly encouraged at her gigs, after all why not….girls just wanna have fun, right?? The more colourful the better!!

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